Welcome to the most minimalistic rank calculator for Rainbow Six: Siege
Use the buttons on either side of the screen
to switch between solving for a preset rank or a custom rank
This application is under heavy development and its features
are subject to immediate change
Coming soon, R6RC for Mac!

Rainbow Six Siege | Rank Calculator (Preset Rank Goal)

Rainbow Six Siege | Rank Calculator (Custom Rank Goal)

R6RC | R6 Rank Calculator Releases

R6RC | Changelog


  • Added a contributors page!
  • Added fullscreen mode! Press F11 to test it out
  • Added a dialogue that lets the user know how to exit fullscreen mode
  • Fixed those annoying yellow borders around all of the buttons
  • Improved R6RC startup time
  • Visible in-app menu for R6RC
  • Windows Taskbar Jump & Task list for R6RC
  • R6RC Discord Bot
  • R6RC for Mac
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